United States 25 April: Greensboro, NC - Kannapolis, NC

Running Through Friendly North Carolina

A misty morning starting on Friendly Avenue in Greensboro

Harita made a lovely new friend, Anita, who happened to be out running and changed diraction to run with the torch- and also steer Harita in the right direction! Thank you Anita!!

catching a glimpse of the peace runner, Harita

The Colfax Fire Department was very interested in all things related to the torch. Including the type of torch fuel. Since it was such a rainy day, no one was worried about what might catch fire.

Peace Haven Road was a joy to run on.

Santiva and Svetlana were welcomed by the friendly Clemmons Community Store and were treated to a cool drink before they continued on their way.

The Team is then Welcomed by the enthusiastic students of the Moore Elementary School in Winston-Salem.

The team takes the students 'back to the 80's' for a story about the Peace Run beginnings. 80's headbands are required.

What country am I from?

A young peace lover shares her friendly smile

Friend of the Peace Run Patrick Coffey dropped by the Moore School to say hello.

And get his T-shirt. Patrick will be running with the team.

Next was Mocksville Elementary, with a warm welcome from Principal Jennifer Swofford.

The first of two young poets shared their words of wisdom with us.

Then Aiden shared his poetic thoughts of peace.

Arpan gives a clue about where he is from as part of the guessing game. New York!

Two young students enlighten us about how peace and helping out a friend are related.

Thank you Jennifer

Peace can bring excitement and enthusiam for a great end of the day.

Thank you to the La Quinta in Winston-Salem for a wonderful nights sleep. We sure appreciate your generosity in providing us with rooms for last night.