United States 13 April: New York, NY and Portland, OR

Expressions of Peace

We invited people to share with us their expressions of peace. Here they are. This first image is from Blanca. She writes, "Peace to me means freedom from any kind of disturbance that may be preventing me from being who I am. Peace is something you find at home, whether it is your food, your family, or the clothes you wear. I am most comfortable at home where I find comfort in traditions and foods we eat because it is an essential part for the human body. When I'm home, little things such as colors, the emotions going around when holidays come, the food we eat, and even water we drink make me feel at peace because it is what makes me who I am today. Everything I have at home symbolizes my peace.

Kyara who shared this photo wrote, "Being in a quiet area that surrounds me with nature and allows me to relax represents peace to me. My life is surrounded by school and stress and this area, a garden, is where I can escape and forget about the world. Being in a peaceful area I am fascinated by nature and the beauty of it and distracts me from my phone and my issues, a place where I can’t be bothered."

Maisha also shared this image saying, "A Peace Run is when community groups and schools invite people to hold a peace torch and run with it to show a step towards a more pleasant world. Peace can mean different things to many people, but to me it means having a buddy. There are many people in this world that deal with loneliness. This image shows that even the slight sound of thunder can feel appealing with the company of a friend."

Maisha writes, "This image here represents peace to me because it shows how even life’s bumps can be overcome because at the end of the day we grow like trees."

Alexa writes, "Birds symbolize freedom, flying means liberty and the feeling of peace."

Jane from Chicago lights a flame for peace. Nice torch ;-)!

Krishna, Srividya, Vittal and Karthik from Portland, OR light a torch for peace... and then go for a Peace Run!