United States 15 April: New York, NY

Expressions of Peace #2

We are the fire that lights Lady Liberty’s torch.

Students from Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH) in NYC share their thoughts and feelings about images they've created and how they relate to peace.

Ashley - This picture brings peace to me. It was taken in the Dominican Republic and every time I look at it I can hear the sounds of the beach, I can feel the sun hitting my skin, and I could smell the fresh air. And all of these bring peace to me, looking at it makes me calm and easy.

Daniel - My interpretation of peace is having the freedom to run around in New York City without a care in the world. Whether I’m a person of color or not. Whether I’m straight or not. Whether I’m female or not. We want a society that doesn’t judge, or suppress others from accomplishing their goals. We are the fire that lights Lady Liberty’s torch.

Francheska - Realistic types of flowers are calming to me because they give me some type of feeling. There is this type of art and music called aesthetic and I like it.

Kendra - Elephants have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world, they're considered a symbol of good luck, power, wisdom and experience. How does it connect to peace? Peace to me doesn't always have to come from one another; it can always be found within yourself, showing personal growth. Since they are highly social animal they’re also considered to be a symbol of loyalty, companionship, and unity.

Kyara - My idea for this was to correlate it to Covid-19 and how it affects minorities. The mask has the U.S flag to show that it is a country that has the most cases and the background represents New York where it is much worse. This shows how hopeless we are, many rely on food organizations and schools such as I and how it has affected us tremendously. We hope for peace.

Kendrick - I picked this photo because my cat Nala brings peace to my life.

Lucia - This represents peace to me because of the tranquility i believe all factors of the picture combined bring out. I gave the character a relaxed expression to bring out the idea that it is at peace. And i gave it angelic features in order to once again bring forth the idea that it is peaceful by nature since angels are represented in religions such as, Christianity as completely good, peaceful beings.

Luiggi - In my opinion this represents peace because of that state of mind the ones that have passed away must feel when being remembered and honored. Even though their lives were unfairly shortened, there is still a peaceful energy that can be seen knowing that our loved ones are continuously moving forward and progressing the world together as whole. Instead of moving separately, we move together as one.

Michelle - This artwork resembles peace, it shows a life without worries through day and night. The different colors on both sides show peace. The growth of two children or family in peace with nature.

Monserrat - This photo brings me peace because it signifies the true essence of how we are portrayed so wrongfully. The reflection on the mirror represents how there’s always two sides to every story and every person. What I try to convey through this photograph is never to lose your essence of identity and self confidence. You will always be spoken about, criticized, and viewed differently. But as long as you know your true self, it will never harm you in any way. It’ll just help your growth.

Sandra - Peace means to me that you can do what you want and be who you are when you're alone. For me being alone in an area, gives me the freedom of no noise and views the world differently. I also feel free from the craziness that happens all over and from peace brings happiness to me.