United States 16 April: New York, NY

Expressions of Peace #3

Peace to me is the equivalent of silence

Students from Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH) in NYC share their thoughts and feelings about images they've created and how they relate to peace. Carelyn - This shows how the Statue of Liberty holding the torch symbolizes life, truth, and the regenerative power of flame. The Statue of Liberty is the way to freedom and where many immigrants came to live a better life. On the side of the Statue of Liberty shows a hand showing peace and a fist these two things show how we should have world peace and the United States is a part of it

Daisy - Peace to me is the equivalent of silence. Silence can be caused under any circumstance, but the most tranquil circumstance would be when you are submerged under water. Whether you're fully submerged under water and all the noises are muffled or that moment right before you actually lift your head just enough so that you can see everything and hear nothing at all. This is what brings peace to me. 

Joy - Peace to me means music because music allows me to forget about the reality and the hardships, stress, and pressure that it brings. Music brings the listener into a world of fantasy where there’s no sounds critiquing and judging you, allowing the listener to just simply relax and enjoy the melody. A world that we all need, at least once in our life time.

Michael - This picture represents the peace that comes in the air when it’s more clear that means that we are taking care of the planet which creates peace. And the air becomes free which means peace. Peace is freedom which is what’s happening to the Air sense we are no longer going outside. The planet is in peace because there is no more pollution.

Arianna - This is peace to me because the colors and the cherry blossom are very calming to me. When I picture cherry blossoms I feel a rush of relief and happiness. The black keeps the artwork alive because it’s different , to everyone else grass is green but grass is black to me , it’s blacker on the other side.

Ashly - The word peace means to me is a place of tranquility and calmness without anything to worry about. It can also mean a personality of respect toward an object, place or someone.

Scarline - This photo represents peace to me, I found myself in a state of tranquility and free of disturbance as I stood on the Brooklyn bridge. Everyone was experiencing a moment of peacefulness as they shared the view with those around them. It was taken at a time where NY lived in normality.

Tiffany - Peace means to me that no fighting, no arguing. Peace means to help each other when needed. The Peace Run is when people come to help each other in time. I made this with the video posted.

William - The reason I decided to use myself and how I view bears as an example of peace because it shows how both the human race and a species of animals could possibly live together in the same area without having conflicts with each other. This may be an unpopular opinion but I’m one of those people who doesn’t see bears as a threat to our race. I also drew this to give people a question, if you had a choice of risking your life for an entire population of wild animals or human kind, what would you choose? I say this because I’m a 17 year old who has had a strong connection with bears for 12 years. This isn’t just about them, but the other animals too.