United States 19 April: New York City

Expressions of Peace #4

Helping Kids Find Peace in Their Hearts

Students from Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH) in NEW YORK CITY share their thoughts and feelings about images they've created and how they relate to peace.

JADA- I thought of this as my way of showing how I imagine how the world can keep hatred and everything that isn’t peace out.  The reason why I put the words that represent peace to me in each country is to show that peace is everywhere, as is hatred but peace is more powerful in so many different ways. I used words that represent hatred to me on the outside of the world, showing how we can keep those actions out and words out. 

ASHLEY N.- This artwork shows my definition of “PEACE”. I wanted my artwork to be about things I think when I’m looking for peace. I think about songs and their lyrics as shown “It’s alright to not have a dream If you have moments where you feel happiness for a while”. I also think of a person looking up at the sky thinking about calm songs and that’s what I did.

KENDRICK- This picture represents how nature is surrounding us and it’s part of us like skin in our body. The four different colors represent the 4 seasons.

CINTHIA- I decided to create a collage on Bazaart on things that bring me peace. Since I can not go out and take pictures right now I decided to take things that are already out there and collage them. In this collage I made sure to first add a nice background that brings me peace. I really like orange and yellow autumn colors and I think these kinds of forests look very nice and peaceful to me. One day I would like to visit one and take pictures of it myself and hopefully one showing me walking away like I tried to do here. I also decided to flip each side to add a different effect and make it look cool. In this collage I added a woman walking and a couple of dogs I did this so that the forest won’t look so empty and lonely. I also added the dogs because I love dogs and I find them very therapeutic and bring me peace. I also added a flipped bed on the flip side because I think that sleeping brings me a lot of peace and I enjoy it.

CRISTINA: What peace means to me is when someone is brave and worth it someone that is a calm person who’s all for it. Peace also means a place where you can just relax and have something be nice and have everything just the way you want.


SANDRA- Peace is an English word we use for wanting silent when no one is annoying you, when you're stress free. Nature helps. Looking at all the colors that nature has is beautiful during sunlight to night skies. I’ve made a peace crane to symbolize how society should have the peace that everyone gets. Nowadays people have their own situations and others don’t. People would like to be peaceful and imagine their future or just use their imagination and believe that this paper crane is a goose flying high with its family and caring for them.

JEREMY- The peace run is an activity that people do by going to school and helping kids find peace in their hearts and to learn peace through games and songs. I took this photo when I was in Boston playing summer baseball. I handed this photo in response to “What peace means for you?” And I posted this because in my opinion playing baseball just releases a lot of stress for me because you would put a ball on a tee and just hit the ball with all your power. I use it to release stress, and to think on my own and focus on certain things.

ANDREW- What I want the viewer to see is family and my siblings is what brings my peace. A day after school enjoying the day with them and the rest of the family. Especially now in these difficult moments with covid-19.

ALEX WU- I think the peace run is when different countries run for peace and they hold a torch. 

Statement: This bird represents peace and the torch represents the peace run and completing the peace run. I chose the color rainbow because all of the flags in the world have color and I chose to draw a bird because I thought that birds are in peace when they are alone and that is why I only drew one bird. I thought the peace sign would be too simple but I added that to my bird. 

AMEERAH- The dark background symbolizes the dark times we are living. The faceless person is meant to symbolize all human beings. The Dove symbolizes peace and the torch is meant to symbolize the fire and desire we have inside all of us to get through this.

JASON- Peace to me means freedom and an escape from disturbance. In my artwork, I wanted to portray how during this pandemic we are all locked in doors and staying inside to be safe. I wanted to show that even a little bit of the outside is peace right now. The jail bars in my artwork represent being trapped in doors and the opening in the jail bars represent freedom after the pandemic is over.