United States 21 April: New York, N.Y.

Expressions of Peace #5

Rise like the morning sun and be united

The talented students at Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH)in New York City created their impressions of peace along with some inspiring words.

DENISSE- This is a form of peace for me because we are like doves, we will be doves after this pandemic is over because we’ve been fighting like soldiers, We have been trying to maintain calm and peace. We will be like doves because it’ll be like a new beginning and bring peace to us. We will rise like the morning sun and be united. The love for our world won’t stop, this is why we are staying inside. 

AMY- What peace means to me is having equal rights for everyone. I used the lgbtq+ flag because it represents how hard they fought to be able to themselves. Even in some countries they don’t have the same right, they have to be someone different. No one has to stop being their true selves, even to satisfy anyone.

MAICOL- This is peace to me because a crane symbolizes hope and healing. At the moment there is a pandemic and everyone in the world has hope that it ends soon.

EDWIN F.- As I watched the video of the peace run, I can tell that the peace run means that many people worldwide gets together and run around to make peace. Many people get together and have fun and gets along with each other which makes it very peaceful.

I say this represents peace because in my opinion peace means nature to me. Nature helps you relief stress and it helps you enjoy what you have around you. This picture was taken in Mexico at a famous place named “La Basilica”.

QUEYDALYN- In times of despair and sadness, we have nobody to turn to but each other. We will fight off this battle together. This pandemic is only going to make us stronger and it’s going to bring us together. It is also going to teach us to be grateful for what we have because it can disappear in an instant.

ANDERSON- This picture means peace to me because it's a flower and when someone or if I would see it I would me calm and feel peaceful around it. The flower looks gentle and relaxing, and would relax other people too when they are stressed out.

JOHNSON (9th grade)- When I hear the word peace, the first thing that comes to mind is the peace signs. I know a few signs that represent peace. One of them being the peace sign you do with your hand. That’s the more memorable one for me, so I decided to do that as the base of my artwork. I also created a sunset. As the sun, I used the actual peace sign. I did that because for me the sun is bright and it represents all the good things to come. I included music in my artwork too. Music has been a huge part of my life, when I have something in mind I would listen to music because it brings me peace. All the colors I included are a color of peace like, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue. I wanted to include colors of peace because art could speak through colors. Lastly, I decided to make a sunset because when I see a sunset, I find it very relaxing, calming and very peaceful.

JOEL (9th grade)- I would say what peace means to me is where your able to be free and not being held down by anything, where your able to express yourself and not be ashamed of yourself, and when I saw the word peace, I immediately thought of a dove and that’s the reason I decided to draw a hand letting go of the dove.

CINDY (10 th grade)- This photo taken was my point of view of peace. I decided to include the world because I thought if the world wasn’t in much crisis things like the weather would lighten a person's view for the whole day. The ray of sunlight coming through my window every morning has always
been a great way to start my day. I include the flower to symbolize the beauty and the great
friendship the world goes through every day.

MARIANNA (7 th grade)- The reason I drew what I drew is because when I am in a dark room and have my music to the fullest, I see and feel peace in me and around me.

MERIMA- These 3 pieces represent peace to me because I find serenity when I create art. One of my pieces is a panoramic image of Montenegro where my roots originate from. Montenegro is serene to me; when I took this image I was at peace as I embraced the beauty of my country and embraced my pride for my culture and background.

The second image is an acrylic painting of that panoramic photograph. I wanted to feel at peace when mixing the paints to recreate that moment and that image on a canvas. My art on its own brings me peace, it allows me to experiment with different mediums and techniques like the collage I made with my fashion illustrations.

I am serene when creating art because it helps me escape reality and helps me explore my creativity and imagination especially in a time like this where we are battling a global pandemic. Art and Montenegro are my peace, they bring me serenity and creativity.

JANELLA (grade 6)- This shows how everyone describes peace and respect. This also states we can achieve world peace.

Christopher's creation for Peace.