United States 22 April: New York, N.Y.

Expressions of Peace #6

"Peace is something that is sacred"

The talented students at Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH)in New York City created their impressions of peace along with some inspiring words.

YALESKA- Peace means to me is peace between us humans. Peace and love between us. No hate. Just being on good terms with each other.

LISA (9th Grade)- The peace run is a global relay to encourage friendship and understanding between many countries and nations. It’s also seeking to help create more of a peaceful world. 

When I think of peace I think of a union. In my artwork I wanted to show that in order for us to find peace, we need to work together as whole. We need to stop fighting against each other, instead we need to work together so we can get through the hard times. The dove represents peace and the flags represents us as a union and if we stick together we will bring peace to the world.   

KAYLA- As I was creating this piece, I wanted to show the Peace Run. I wanted the viewers to see the Peace Run right when they see this image. I put multiple Peace Cranes because I thought one was not enough. Also there are many places where the peace run takes place, each crane is like a location for the peace run. I put a background of a city to show a piece of the peace run in the cities. Overall, the Peace Run is something that everyone should take part in.

ISMAEL- The peace run is where people from countries all over the world run as a symbol of world peace. The artwork I made is a peace crane. It may not look the same but at least I tried my best. Now that I think about it it’s looking more like an airplane. It was harder to make than I thought it was but I still liked it.

JOSELYN- This paper crane represents peace to me because the crane represents to me as a form of calmness and freedom towards myself. Not only that but also as a way to be able to be yourself and have happiness all around you.

ESMERALDA (6th grade)- Peace means happiness with others and working along with others to create freedom
not enemies.

NIA- I made a man running with a torch like the peace run. Then a peace sign for obvious reasons and inside the peace sign the world to the world all together. And lastly, I put flags of different countries and to show who participates and that we are all the same. Because that's what the peace run is about coming together without being divided.

NATHAN - Peace is something that is sacred and can only be achieved in certain moments in your life. In my perspective, peace is much more pleasurable when it is spent with someone you love. It is these moments that I tried to capture in this piece.