United States 23 April: New York, N.Y.

Expressions of Peace #7

"Find the peace that drives you"

The talented students at Community Health Academy of the Heights(CHAH), in New York City, created these beautiful impressions of peace along with some thoughtful and inspiring words.

JASON R.- To me, this picture that shows the view of water represents peace because it is calm and soothing. Also, I feel that the clear blue sky represents goodness, hope, and purity. In my opinion, Calm, soothing, goodness, hope, and purity all represent peace to me.

DONARLY- This artwork portrays the Peace Crane within the leaves of a plant. This symbolizes how peace, just like plants, grows and changes. Peace is something that can bend and adapt to different circumstances. However, it can grow in its natural state, where it creates its own atmosphere and effervescence, or it can grow in a humanized state, sprayed with pesticides and chemically altered to design a fake atmosphere that in reality does not give off the same positive vibe. My artwork shows peace in its natural state.

EDWIN A. –(10th grade) This is peace to me because of the amount of time it took me to make it and how I was concentrated on the art work and on nothing else

EDGAR- This is life you might just think is a tree but seeing this gives me peace. The definition of peace can come and go and mean many different things to a lot of us but it still gives us peace. The definition of peace is a state of tranquility and quite a freedom from disturbances and disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions. We should find that peace that is inside of us during these tough and difficult times. We should find our peace and know that we all could go through this together, help one another and not put our life or the life of others in danger. Find the peace that drives you and make it happen and help yourself as well as others. We could do this, make it happen and find your PEACE.  

JENNIFER (11th grade)- In this picture that I took a while ago was taken in the mere of a sunset. I felt that this is peace because it's a calm view of the city and the sun setting in which we now can’t see due to the corona virus but even the reminder of this picture we are able to enjoy the calmness and peace of a sunset in the city and hopefully look forward to more sunsets in the future. 

GRACEROSE (9th grade)- I did a peace sign to represent peace and drew things that reminded me of love, friendship, and nature/earth because that is what peace is to me.