June 20, 2020 Live from the road

Seattle, WA - Methow Valley, WA

Reported by Rupasi Young 24.0 mi

The North Cascades Scenic Corridor crosses the north range of the Cascades in Washington State. The Corridor is part of a brand new Peace Run route mapped out for 2018 and beyond. That year, the Team was not able to run part of this due to time constraints. Two local Peace Runners decided this was the perfect time to complete those miles.
The two mountain passes in the Corridor seemed like a fine inspiration to follow.
Starting 7 miles below the first pass.

Quiet during mid week. People just beginning to travel again.

Lots of uphill and a cool drink from the snowpack.

Victory reaching the first pass. It is starting to warm up for Daulot, the solo Peace Runner on this leg.

Daulot stops briefly to see the Pacific Crest Trail. For those hiking the 2,650 route from Mexico to Canada, this spot is only two days hiking from the Canadian border and the finish line. Nearly 500 people complete it every year. Daulot celebrates Peace Runner Asprihanal who completed the PCT hike in a previous year.

Descent from Rainy Pass, appropriately named. It immediately starts the climb to the next pass.

Daulot reaches his goal of the second pass but decides to continue on.

In 2018: Two Peace Runners are having a great day here

Back to 2020, running past the Methow Valley, where Peace Runners Daulot and Stota first joined the Peace Run many years ago.

Liberty Bell Mountain and Early Winters Spires create the backdrop for a breathtaking Peace Run.

In 2018: Peace Runners from Mongolia, Austria and India.

Daulot makes it to the campground, finds the best campsite open.

The 2020 Peace Run North Cascades Team.

The next morning, the 2020 Team went 5 miles down the road for great coffee and super excellent baked goods at the Mazama Store. In 2018, the team had early morning snacks here before running the Methow Valley.

In 2018, making a new friend who makes a wish for peace.

In 2018: The day of running is finished. Now a quiet dinner by the lake, after a nice swim.

Gratitude to Sri Chinmoy, founder of the Oneness-Home Peace Run for the inspiration to continue on this running journey towards a more peaceful world.

Torch carried by
Daulot Fountain (United States), Stota Fountain (United States).  
Daulot Fountain, Stota Fountain
The torch has travelled 24.0 mi from Seattle, WA to Methow Valley, WA.

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