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This year, 2020, Seattle celebrates Colors of Peace and honors the United Nations International Day of Peace virtually. Members of the Consular Corp of Washington shared messages and significant thoughts to honor the occasion.
Colors of Peace includes over 12,000 works of art created by children in over 126 countries.

                                                                                                                                      Photo credit to the Consular Corp of Washington

Ms. Katalin Pearman, President of the Consular Association of Washington offered the following remarks:

"The 2020 Colors of Peace is another event that fell victim to this rather unusual year we have been trying to navigate. Some of the silver lining is that people are finding creative ways to reach out to each other and not allow the required physical distancing to translate into total social distancing. Even though we couldn’t participate in this feel-good, uplifting event in person this year, recognizing and celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace seems more important than ever to counter all the negative and contentious issues we are facing. One of the reasons I appreciate the Consular Association of Washington is that our group of consuls seems to be the epitome of world peace. Members represent countries varying in size and influence, with different political and social structures, yet we are living proof that it is possible to coexist in a respectful, engaging, and collaborative manner. On behalf of the Consular Association of Washington I would like to thank you for the important work you do and hope that we can continue our joint efforts towards peace and positivity".

Katalin Pearman, Honorary Consul of Hungary, President of the Consular Association of Washington

Artwork from children of Hungary, part of the global Colors of Peace Collection recognizing the United Nations International Day of Peace.

This year 2020, Ms. Teresa Indelak Davis, Honorary Consul, Consulate of Poland shares the following remarks:

“This year we commemorate the International Day of Peace virtually by recognizing efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflicts and promote peace. The ideals of peace are reflected in working together to improve quality of people’s lives and worldwide communities. We all can be ambassadors of peace, no matter where we work and live in the society. Individual and collective efforts all contribute to the peace education and to building a culture of peace".

Teresa Indelak Davis
Past President Consular Association of Washington
Honorary Consul of Poland in Seattle

Dr. Andres Barria, Honorary Consul of Chile offers the following message:
Dear Friends at Peace Run,

"What a challenging year this has been. A global health crisis and deeply rooted social unrest everywhere have shaken our society and put front and centers unresolved issues of social equity and social justice.
But these hard times has also brought out the best of humankind. In the middle of much suffering, we have observed the most generous acts from health care professionals, and we have realized the value of human connections and the benefits of friendship. This has imprinted in young generations the importance of global collaboration and social interactions; more than ever it is clear that neither any country nor any person is an island.
To honor those heroes and to never forget the significance of friendship as a core value that makes us humans, we must redouble our efforts to build a better planet where we celebrate our diversity and put it to the service of solving our problems together. Let us continue working for justice to bring so much desired peace to our ailing world".

Dr. Andrés Barría
Honorary Consul of Chile in Seattle

Ms. Eva Kammel, Honorary Consul of Austria shares the following sentiment...

with Mr. Michael Brandstetter, President of Austrian American Council, WA Chapter

Some memories from 2019 Colors of Peace celebration at Seattle Center.

A moment of silence shared by all on 2019. Much like the United Nations General Assembly that begins and ends with one minute of silence.

Mr. Paul Raidna, Honorary Consul of Estonia offered the following remarks:

"The concept of Peace to the Estonian people has always held a special meaning. For centuries, Estonia has been occupied by various great powers of Europe while the Estonian people have always sought to maintain their own cultural and historic identity. And, while some occupations were more peaceful than others, the concept of true Peace always held with it a desire for independence and self-determination. Since regaining our national independence in 1991, largely as a result of the peaceful episode we refer to as the “Singing Revolution”, Estonians have taken great pride in rejoining the community of peaceful nations and working with our international partners to spread peace around the globe. The concept of Peace remains as cherished to our people today as it did during the darkest times of the past century. I am honored to share in this celebration of Peace and to send my heartfelt greetings to all of our friends, near and far, as we commemorate the United Nations International Day of Peace".

Art created by Estonian children, part of the Colors of Peace collection.

More Estonian art

And one more from Estonia.

In 2019, Mr. Daravuth Huoth, Honorary Consul of the Consulate of Cambodia joined the Colors of Peace celebration recognizing the UN International Day of Peace.

This year, Mr. Victor Lapatinskas, Honorary Consul of the Consulate of Lithuania expressed his goodwill and wish for continuing efforts for peace.

Lithuanian artwork, part of the Colors of Peace collection

Consul General Claudia Gatica of Guatemala expressed her best wishes and support of the United Nations International Day of Peace this year, held virtually. She is seen here in 2019.

Guatemalan childrens artwork created for the Peace Run.

More artwork from Guatemala.

Ms. Elizabetta Valentini, Honorary Consul of Italy in Seattle shared the following message:

"The 2020 celebration of Colors of Peace brings us together more than ever in honoring the values of peace, community, cooperation and respect. We march virtually together celebrating friendship among all Nations. In a world battered by pandemic, racial and religious discriminations, peace is paramount to strengthen and inspire the efforts of each Nation, each people and Government. I come from Italy, the land of San Francis of Assisi. He taught us the love and respect for all living beings. From the same land the twentieth century philosopher Aldo Capitini promoted the culture of non-violence that sees Gandhi as its highest representative. Honoring the fathers of non -violence, we must remember that peace grows only through the determination and commitment of each citizen. My message goes to the new generations: embrace freedom through peace, build bridges among countries, learn and experience different cultures, become messengers of peace every day in your families, schools and countries. This is the only path to a better world."

Artwork from and Italian child. This is especially reminiscent of the Olympic Games. Colors of Peace began in Rome, Italy to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21st.

More Italian art.

In 2019, Mr. Philippe Andre Goetshcel, Honorary Consul of Switzerland attended the Colors of Peace event.

Art from a Swiss child on loan from the Roman collection.

Mr. Fernando Jauregui, Special Assistant to the Consul General, Consulate of Peru joined Colors of Peace in 2019.

Ms. Lynn Shiori Miyauchi, Cultural Affairs, Sister Cities and Public Outreach
Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle, joined in 2019.

Mr. Michael Biggins, Honorary Consul, Consulate of Slovenia in 2019.

The event in 2019 included a Parade of Nations.

In 2019, Kristiina Hiukka, Vice Honorary Consul, Consulate of Finland. Kristiina also attended on behalf of Mr. Pedro Costa, Honorary Consul, Consulate of Brazil.

Mr. AC Sherpa, Honorary Consul from Nepal in 2019 in the Parade of Nations.

Carola Quilodran, attending with Carlos Quilodran, attending on behalf of the Consulate of Chile. 2019

This year, Ciana Johnson from North Beach Elementary School joined Colors of Peace and the Peace Run in June by sharing her artwork for peace.

Kingston Elementary School joined Peace Run and Colors of Peace this year with incredible artistic work videos and sentiments for peace.

The Parade of Nations arrives at Colors of Peace in 2019.

Consul General Gatica is joined by Father Luberti and Hakku Ron Rivard in 2019 at the Colors of Peace exhibit.

Nepal, Poland, Lithuania, Finland and Mr. Mark Gantar, Honorary Consul of Ethiopia, stand together at the Colors of Peace.

This one is mine, a young artist expresses her vision of peace in art.

This young artist posts her work for peace with Bangladesh youth.

Thank you to all members of the Consular Corp of Washington for your lasting commitment to building bridges between countries and to holding the highest ideals of peace, friendship and understanding. Our world is a better place because of each one of you.

Torch carried by
Jagadambika Root (United States), Rupasi Young (United States).  
Harita Davies, Narmada Heer, Yatkara Aleksapolskyy
The torch has travelled 1.0 mi in Seattle.

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