July 13, 2021 Live from the road

Washington, DC - Washington, DC

Reported by Prakhara Harter

The Embassy of Moldova in Washington, DC has enthusiastically participated in our Expressions of Peace project.  Many thanks to Ms. Inga Seremet for her dedicated outreach to the artists for peace from Moldova.

The Peace Run has passed the Peace Torch in Moldova on many occasions over the years. 

In 2019 runners were met by eager students and treated to the traditional bread and salt welcome.

Adrian, age 4, has a special wish for children everywhere, "Peace to me means the loving family I am growing up in. The love our parents give me and my sister make me feel safe in this world. I wish all the children to be as happy and peaceful as I am."

Aria, age 5, has this wonderful explanation, "For me peace is love and nice people. The beautiful flowers, the sun and the stars represent beauty in nature, which often emits beauty in one’s soul."

Georgeta Fondos, a visual artist, has titled her painting "A Call for Love".  Her message is an inspiration for us all. "As a public artist I care deeply on how art can empower and educate communities. I chose to address the need for love on our planet through llamas, who are friendly, pleasant to be around, and certified therapy animals. They live as a family and they do take care of each other, and this is a great lesson for us, humans. 
I invite you to love more, care more, and give more love."

Katalina, age 6, says about her painting, "The dove represents peace on Earth. The holding hands means peace between people. A loving relationship between people create spreading of love. Peace is a unity between various nations."

Markus, age 4, says, "This picture relates the idea of peace, unity, and care of each over. These two doves represent the strong connection between mother and child. A connection that peoples need to maintain and take care of each other as mother do with their children. When we will be able to be kind to each other like to ourselves then the peace and harmony will dominate the world in the best ways possible."

Miroslava, age 7, was inspired by the kindness and care that children bring to the world.  The Earth surrounded by children holding hands symbolizes the love that is propelled all around us if our younger generation grows in kind and loving communities that know how to appreciate our different cultures and backgrounds, and at  the same time celebrate what they share in common: our beautiful home, planet Earth.

Theo, age 7,  created happiness and said, "As for me, peace equals with liberty and joy. Only with peace I can have plenty of time to enjoy all the time with my friends, parents and relatives. That was the idea of painting a soda drinking sun. It makes me laugh, as only in peace times you can laugh."

Maximiliano, age 5, sees peace on Earth through love which can be clearly be seen in both the art that's filled with hearts and vibrant colors. Love and friendship are the main inspiring features of his art that he wants to share with everyone.

Torch carried by
Prakhara Harter (United States).  
Prakhara Harter

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