July 14, 2021 Live from the road

Washington, DC

Reported by Salil Wilson

The Art School in Mereni village, Anenii Noi district of Moldova accepted the invitation by the Embassy of Moldova in Washington, DC to submit Expressions of Peace. These very talented young artists share their visions and thoughts about a beautiful and peaceful world.

Some artists submitted multiple works - we've included their names with each of their works.

Note: Today, July 14, is the birthday of Dawn Wilson, mother of Salil Wilson, Peace Run Executive Director. He feels it is particularly fitting, that given she is also an artist, this beautiful collection of artwork should be published on her birthday. (Dawn's painting can be seen at the end of this page).

The well is the symbol of life, the flying birds represent the dreams and the thoughts of the people and the sky at sunset represents the hope, that tomorrow everything will be fine. Vlad, 8 years old.

The lighthouse is the hope of the sailors during the storms, in the same way as peace is the hope of those who are facing war… Vlad, 8 years old.

It is peaceful and quiet, the birds fly on the sky full of the colors of the sunset. The sun sets, but as we know it always raises and brings a new day, the hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Vlad, 8 years old.

"Trees are in blossom,
The sky is shining,
For Peace, for Peace,
We Thank You!”

”Înfloresc în jur copacii,
Ceru-i luminos,
Pentru Pace,pentru Pace,
Mulțumim frumos!"

Grigore Vieru, a reknowned Moldovan poet.

Vlad, 8 years old.

Peace is where there is love!

Vlad, 8 years old.

The Peace Run has visited many schools, groups and organizations in Moldova.

Casa mare- is the place where there is always peace, no matter how chaotic life is. When you come back home- there is always peace! Violeta, 15 years old.

Humans are writing their own history, destiny and there are drawing their own life path. In the hands of the human is the fate of the nature, his own fate and those of the ones around him. Peace is also in the hands of humankind. Violeta, 15 years old.

We are keeping the traditions in our souls, we are transmitting them further as a sign of gratitude for our ancestors, which lived in during hard times, and they were dreaming of the time when there will be peace on Earth. We are grateful to them! Vladalina, 14 years old.

What can be more beautiful than the green grass, the silhouettes of the houses far away and the parents…for me, this is what Peace is. Vladalina, 14 years old.

Peace can be read in the eyes….and the eyes of the child are the most sincere. Vladalina, 14 years old.

The kindness and heart of the people are always a great inspiration. Here the students take a moment of silent reflection.

It is Peace when grandparents can hold their grandchildren, and the grandchildren can fall asleep calmly in their arms listening to their stories! Mădălina, 13 years old.

Children are the life and the future of humankind and trees are the life and the future of the Planet! For living in peace and harmony, we have to take care of nature. Mădălina, 13 years old.

Peace is then when children are happy, when they can run through the fields of flowers surrounded by butterflies, when they can catch the rays of the Sun and can enjoy them. Evelina, 11 years old.

Peace is then when you have a house and when you can help your parents with love, when you can work and sing. Evelina, 11 years old.

Peace from our souls and the peace around us, allows us to live life in harmony with ourselves and with nature. We are happy! Cristina, 15 years old.

When you can admire the beautiful landscapes, when you can hear the birds sign, feel the smell of the flowers and breathe the fresh air in the morning….then there is Peace and beauty Evelina, 10 years old.

It is peace on Earth then when children can dream, and their dreams are full of colors and happiness. Carolina, 10 years old.

Peace on Earth can be observe in each little thing in nature, beautiful flowers, trees in blossom, blue sky. Carolina, 10 years old.

There is Peace when children can smile and they can play and can do whatever they like, without fear. Eliza, 10 years old

There is Peace when each little cub (child) has his parents by his side, when they have a place to live in and they have what to eat, when all the family is together and they always help each other. Eliza, 10 years old

We can ask angels to help us bring peace and beauty to the world. Vitalie, 6 years old.

Look for peace and beauty within, rearrange and calibrate to stillness and connect to pure colors of truth, then the outside realms will match the inside energy. As within, so without. Ana-Maria, 31 years old.

Ana-Maria, 31 years old.

Ana-Maria, 31 years old.

This painting represents the stages of life, as the 4 seasons in nature. Peace is there, where life is. Ștefan 31 years old.

Peace in the Australian bush. Dawn, 87 years old (today)!

Torch carried by
Prakhara Harter (United States).  
Prakhara Harter

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