June 16, 2022 Live from the road

Hope, Rhode Island - Deep River, Conn.

Reported by Santiva Morrison 56.0 mi

We arrived today in the beautiful state in Connecticut, where the men's team met with some good friends who have supported the Peace Run for many years.

They ran with the team for several miles enjoying the cool and breezy morning.

Paul Andruskiewicz carries the torch as Tim Smith and Jim Laudone run with us into town.

We would like to thank our teammate Virangini, from Rhode Island, for driving the woman's team. We appreciate her enthusiasm and we love having her with us. Gratitude.

Our youngest member of our team, Nastya from Ukraine, beginning to run for her team.

Olivia is enjoying the wonderful nature on her run through Connecticut.

Putu so happy to start running.

We arrived in the beautiful city of Norwich, also called "The Rose of New England" where the Yantic, Shetucket and Quinebaug Rivers flow into the city and form its harbor from which the Thames River flows south to Long Island Sound.
We were welcomed here at the beautiful and historical Norwich City Hall with its Art Deco style.

Bill Champagne introduces the Peace Run and offers us a brief history of Norwich and it's importance in the formation of this newly formed country over 240 years ago. Bill has been an enthusiastic supporter of our Peace Run for two decades and we are very grateful to him for all he does for peace in his community.

Norwich Mayor, Peter Nystrom, received the Peace Torch on behalf of the city.

The Mayor reads a Proclamation declaring Peace Run Day in the City of Norwich. He kindly told us of some of the rich history of Norwich and spoke about the importance of peace in our lives and thanked the Peace Run for bringing this important message to his community.

Arpan was very grateful for the Mayor's kind words and offered him a Certificate of Appreciation for meeting with us today.

Tim Smith welcomes the Peace Run to his community. He runs with us every time we run through Norwich and invites friends to run with us. We are very grateful for his support.

Paul, one of the local Norwich runners who has welcomed us here throughout the years along with his son and now grandchildren, offers his kind words. We are grateful to him and all the runners who meet us as we enter this wonderful city on every Peace Run here in Connecticut.

We are extremely grateful to Bill Champagne for organizing this whole event today and for inviting Mayor Nystrom and his staff to welcome us to this beautiful City Hall. Bill has been supporting us for decades in Norwich along with his wife, Patrice, who unfortunately could not be here today. Her work with young children in her Montessori School in Norwich has always inspired us and is a crucial element to creating and spreading peace in the world, especially for future generations.

Virangini offers the Mayor a colorful painting called 'Hope', by the Founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy.

After the ceremony everyone had a chance to hold the torch and make a wish or prayer for world peace.

Tim's wife, Terrie Smith, has always come out to greet us as Tim runs through town with us for two decades.

Robert Bell, who is running for the office of State Representative for the City of Norwich, kindly offers his goodwill and wishes for peace.

Jacquie Barbarossa, Administrative Secretary for the City of Norwich, cheerfully passes the Peace Torch to Bonnie Cuprak, Executive Assistant to the Mayor. We are so grateful to them for helping to make this event a very special and meaningful one and for inviting us into their wonderful City Hall. The work they do for the betterment of their city usually goes unnoticed by others, but nevertheless it is truly crucial to the developmental progress of Norwich.

Noah and his young daughter, Aurora, share the Peace Torch. Noah and his father, Paul, have been joining us as we come through Norwich ever since Noah was a young teenager. Now he kindly brings his beautiful children Aurora and Xavier to enthusiastically greet us also.

Our videographer, Natabara, enjoys a conversation with some of the many friendly locals who came to welcome us here today.

Tim shares the Peace Torch with other kind locals who again offer their encouragement and wishes for peace.

While running into Norwich we shared the Peace Torch with other kind locals, including this car mechanic who took a few moments from work to offer us his wishes for peace with us.

Paul, one of our longtime friends who has run with us into and through Norwich for 20 years as we pass through receives a new official Peace Run T-shirt to add to his collection. We are very grateful to him and all the people of Norwich who came out today to welcome us to their wonderful city and share the ideals of peace and friendship.

Mayor Nystrom kindly gives us a tour of this iconic and beautiful building, telling us about the rich history of Norwich and it's importance in gaining our freedom to become an independent country over 240 years ago.

Abraham Lincoln stayed in Norwich during his campaign for President in 1860.

Beautiful Murals around the city.

Pavaka, our peace runner from Montreal, with our friends from Norwich , Paul, Jim and Tim, who joined us today as we ran through their beautiful city.

It was time for the second women's team to start our miles today.

Suhasini met a friend along the way.

This morning we crossed the Sri Chinmoy Peace Causeway connecting Rhode Island to Connecticut, This is one of many Peace Blossoms dedicated to peace that we have visited along our New England Peace Run route.

We are always inspired by and grateful for the kind smiles and encouragement from locals who stop along the way to hold or carry our Peace Torch with us and offer their hopes, wishes and prayers for peace.

We would like to thank Greg Bogan from Dalegna X Nolo restaurant for donating delicious pizzas today for the team. We are all very grateful for his kindness. It makes us so happy that people like him support the message of peace and oneness.

Torch carried by
Anastasiia Konova (Ukraine), Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Devendra Cheatham (United States), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Olivia Lopez (Mexico), Pavaka Ritchot (Canada), Putu Ekawati (Indonesia), Santiva Morrison (United States), Suhasini Septiarini (Indonesia), Virangini Afzal (United States).  
Arpan DeAngelo, Devendra Cheatham, Harita Davies, Santiva Morrison, Virangini Afzal
The torch has travelled 56.0 mi from Hope, Rhode Island to Deep River, Conn..

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