März 10, 2014 Live from the road


Reported by Teekshanam Dodonu 1.0 km

As it often happens, good things happen of their own accord at their chosen time. Thanks to a chance encounter of an article in a local newspaper announcing “winter olympic games for the elderly” (?!), the wheels of the local Peace Run initiative have been set in motion.

The enthusiastic residents and staff from three retreat houses for the elderly from the area of Geneva, Switzerland, La Vendée in Petit-Lancy, des Mouilles and Foyer Béthel in Onex gathered on March 10, 2014 for a week-long series of competitive events as a beautiful embodiment of the maxim “old age does not matter”. Peace Run is proud and grateful to have been invited to attend this unique celebration of the human spirit overpowering nature’s aspects of time and matter.

The link between the Peace Run and the “winter olympic games for the elderly” is quite natural and evocative of Peace Run’s mission. Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the Peace Run, had been a great admirer of the official Olympic Games and an avid athlete himself well into his seventies. Sri Chinmoy not only believed -- but also led by example -- that sports has indispensable life-promoting and uplifting qualities of great benefit to the human spirit. Peace Run, with its lofty goal of uniting the world into one world-family irrespective of age, color or religion, seeks to recognize and support activities of similar nature as the “winter olympic games for the elderly”. And what an event it was!

There were approximately 30 residents and 30 members of staff and family in attendance. After a welcome statement by the organizers, the Peace Run team presented the goals of the Peace Run as inspired by Sri Chinmoy. Representing Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Germany, Moldova and Switzerland, each Peace Run team member then introduced themselves. For this occasion, Sri Chinmoy composed a dynamic song which the Peace Run team sang to everyone’s satisfaction.

During that time, everyone from the audience was offered to hold the flaming Peace Run torch and make a wish for peace.

It so happens that this very torch was also held by Jean Paul II during his meeting with Sri Chinmoy.

The audience then watched a brief video about the Peace Run which was very well received.

To conclude the opening ceremony of the “olympic games for the elderly”, and as is the custom during the official Olympic Games, the Peace Run torch symbolically lighted the olympic cauldron.

To watch a short video sequence of this event please visit:

Torch carried by
Adarini Inkei (Switzerland), Adrian Grover (United States), Andrew Grover (United States), Gladybel Elle Ortiz (Puerto Rico), Puneeta Makowka (Switzerland), Teekshanam Dodonu (Switzerland), Varunavi Klabnikova (Switzerland).  
Adarini Inkei
The torch has travelled 1.0 km in Geneva.

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