New Zealand 7 August: Titirangi Village - Laingholm Primary School

Titirangi, Auckland

The Waitakere ranges are regenerated native forests along the west coast of Auckland. The schools that we visited are surrounded by this native forest.

Children at Woodlands Park School in Titirangi watch a video about the Peace Run.

Lindsay Simpson holding the torch with the principal, Ngaria Stephenson.
The Peace Run Team presented Lyndsay with The Torch Bearer Award medallion, for her tireless, inspiring and ubiquitous volunteering at the school. Every school would dearly love to have some-one like Lyndsay Simpson!

Children and staff "muck in" (Kiwi slang "to work enthusiastically") while planting this Cherry Peace Tree just in time for Spring blossoms to arrive.

One boy exclaimed "this is so satisfying!". His mum was there to catch it all on her phone. Well done to all the Peace Tree gardeners.

At Laingholm Primary School we had a fun skit with a football. Let's hope these actors demonstrate "peace" and share the ball with other children!

Native Tui (meaning "honey-eater"). Known for their colourful singing and mischevious nature.

The Fantail or Piwakawaka bird, is good-natured and will flit and fly around hikers for some-time, sometimes resting on a branch momentarily.