United States 7 June: San Diego - Long Beach

Beautiful day along the coastline.

Before we left San Diego we visited a beautiful statue of Sri Chinmoy, the Founder of the Peace Run, for a team photo with some of our local team members and supporters. We are extremely grateful to them for their incredible hospitality and support.

We are so happy that Shambhu Neil Vineberg, the original Executive Director of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run was able to join us and share the torch and some great Peace Run stories.

We participated in a two-mile race that takes place every Saturday. The course was a lot of fun for some of us newcomers.

Slow down, when driving down the hill towards the ocean...

Anna is runnning in the late morning.

Harita running, smiling....

Pretty buildings on the way.

Today we had the privilege of visiting the Self-Realization Fellowship Centre and Gardens in Encinitas.

Welcoming sign.

Picture on the plaque shows the first Temple that was built in this area.

Colourful flowers on the side.

Sandro has the precise Italian eye for taking nice pictures.

Welcoming words from Brahmacharya Wolfgang.

What about.....?


We had a short guided peace meditation.

We sung our Peace Run song, accompanied by the waves of the ocean.

From the gardens we had a breath taking view of the ocean.

Everyone was happy...

We were holding ourselves back from not jumping in yet.

Arpan explaining the message of the Peace Run.

Two Brahmacharya and Peace runners.

We heard a few stories from Yogananda's life.

Joyful moments.

Beautiful gardens.

Here the nature brings peace inside your heart.

The girls Peace Run team.

Different kinds of cactuses.

Peace everywhere.

Sarvodaya snapping some gorgeous pictures.

Happy waves.

Sandro running in the afternoon.

Lets make some wishes for peace.

Harita met many super friendly people running in La Jolla and up the Pacific Coast.

Woof, may there be peace.

Peace wishes at the beach.

Fishermen wish for peace.

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