July 26, 2014 Live from the road

Southgate, MI - Toledo, OH

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 40.0 mi

A big thank you to the Quality Inn and Suites in Monroe, Michigan for the great rooms and friendly service they offered our team last night.

Our first event was at the Downtown River Family YMCA of Southgate. The children made some very creative peace posters to welcome us there.

The staff also made an attractive poster announcing the event.

We had one men's team here as the other teams made their way down to Toledo, Ohio.

Pavaka led our ceremony on his last full day with our team before heading home tomorrow.

The children held our torch as well as colorful torches they also made for this event.

Dustin Lent, Director of Southgate Parks and Recreation, brought his family to join in on the event with us. We are very grateful to him for taking part with his family and for all of his work organizing athletic events in Southgate for the children.

Jana led the children around the playground with the torch on a short Peace Run. Dave(in background) from the News-Herald kindly came to cover the event for the media.

Sharon Karpinsky, the Program Director, was very instrumental in arranging for us to have the event here. We are also grateful to Doreen Durandetto, the Executive Director for inviting us here.

We are grateful to the Staff and the children of the YMCA and to Dustin Lent and his family.

We then followed Jordan through the YMCA building with the torch on an indoor peace run suggested by Sharon.

After the indoor Peace Run we were treated to some healthy snacks by the kind YMCA staff.

Kapila proudly holds the torch with our team after the event. She drove a long way from Ann Arbor to get here. We are so grateful to her for organizing this and the other events here in Michigan.

On our way through Flatrock we were met by two friendly people from the Monroe News-Herald, Caitlin and Tom, who wanted to do a story about our run through this area. We are very happy and grateful when journalists come out to cover our story and share it through the local media.

We ran into our next event at Waldbridge Park in Toledo.

Pam, our local coordinator in Toledo, introduced us to the great group of people inside the park gazebo.

Salil addresses the crowd introducing the Peace Run.

We introduced ourselves with our traditional guessing game which offers clues to where we come from.

After guessing all of our countries correctly we agreed to sing a song for everyone. Pavaka on Ukelele accompanies Arpan on harmonica to perofrm the World Harmony Run song written by Sri Chinmoy in 2005.

Among the many groups represented was the Greater Toledo and NW Ohio Compassionate Community.

We passed the torch to them as well as all the other groups present including the First Unitarian Church, the United Church of Christ, the Hindu Temple of Toledo, Trinity Episcopal Church, Flowing Waters Sanga (a local Buddhist group), and The Gathering (a group of musicians who sing of peace and worldwide inclusiveness).

Everyone offered their kind wishes and beautiful smiles.

Pam takes the torch and offers her goodwill and kind words as this beautiful event she arranged takes shape.

'The Gathering' musical group sings some very beautiful and meaningful songs of peace and harmony.

Some of the children cannot help but dance to the rhythmic music.

Woody Trautman of the Compassionate Community.

Woody and his wife Judy receive the Peace Run Torch-Bearer awards for their tremendous efforts over the years with various initiatives such as the Multi-faith Council of NW Ohio, which encourages education, fellowship, and shared community. They also have been involved in Habitat for Humanity helping to build houses and community gardens. The Compassionate Community is also one of their organizations which brings together people of all backgrounds and beliefs in a spirit of oneness, tolerance and compassion.

Ed Heilman from the Flowing Waters Sangha offers his wise words about peace and offers everyone the opportunity to create prayer flags.

Maya Averbach from the Toledo Blade Newspaper interviews Sandro (Italy) as she came to cover the event.

A group of our runners accompanied by Sommer Lewis carry the torch to nearby Perrysburg.

Along the way we stop at a nearby church where the prayer flags we helped to create earlier were already installed on a peace pole on the front lawn.

Our route was a bit treacherous as we had to climb some rocky banks where a local bridge was being rebuilt.

Some of the staff at Burton's Hairsylists along our route came out to greet us and offer their goodwill.

We kept running with Sommer for 6 miles on the way to Perrysburg where her 'in-laws' were eagerly awaiting our arrival.

After finishing her miles Sommer's husband, John Lewis, was waiting for her and they both received our Peace Run T-shirts.

Some colorful flowers graced our run.

An amazing feast was waiting for us at the home of Marge and steve Kramer, John Lewis's parents.

They saved the daily Toledo Blade newspaper article which had just come out that day.

A nice backyard deck and patio was an ideal setting for this gathering after a long day.

Sommer's three children: Nathan, Hannah and Sarah discuss the Montessori School they attend. Both Sommer and Amburoha are Montessori teachers.

Amburoha felt and looked like a seven year old girl when she took one of the kid's bikes out for a spin.

Time for a little fun and games as well.

Barefoot soccer was next with the children.

As evening set in and after tough game of soccer it was time to relax with grandpa and grandma, Steve and Marge Kramer.

Steve and Marge have kindly hosted the Peace Run here many times since the 90's, every time we pass through Toledo.

Just before dark we had a little musical entertainment with Pavaka on Ukelele and then Arpan joining in later on harmonica.

Inside we watched some Peace Run videos with the whole family.

Three young and future Peace Runners receive there first official shirts. We are extremely grateful to Steve and Marge Kramer and their son John Lewis and his family for this wonderful evening.

Pavaka gets his farewell gifts as he is leaving us tomorrow. We are sorry to see him go.

Anamika unfortunately also has to leave for home tomorrow. She was very happy to get this T-shirt as one of our parting gifts expressing our gratitude to her.

It was a long eventful day on the Peace Run which will soon re-enter Canada.

We finally made it to our evening accommodations so kindly donated by the Holiday Inn Express and...

The Holiday Inn French Quarter of Perrysburg. Thank you for the kindness and friendly service to the Peace Run.

Lora Pheils of the Fleur de Lis boutique in the Holiday Inn French Quarter was also excited about the Peace Run as she offers her goodwill and a big smile when Pavaka handed her the torch.

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Torch carried by
Amburoha Davydova (Ukraine), Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Dennis Gribok (Luxembourg), Mahasatya Janczak (Poland), Pavaka Ritchot (Canada), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Yatkara Aleksapolskyy (Canada).  
Accompanied by  
Anamika (BD), Aparanji (BR)
Arpan DeAngelo, Pavaka Richot, Yatkara Aleksapolskyy
The torch has travelled 40.0 mi from Southgate, MI to Toledo, OH.

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