United States 30 September: Bridgeport, CT

Two schools in Bridgeport

Today we visited Curiale School in Bridgport.

We offered a short presentation about the run and then headed outside.

Where everyone could have a chance to hold the torch.

Then Salil took the children on a Run.

Thanks so much for having us Curiale.

Our next stop was a visit with a group of students from Cesar A. Batalla School in Bridgeport. Our host was Ms. Ana Batista who administers the "Talented and Gifted" (TAG) program.

These students were a delight to meet.

We could see the future of Bridgeport is very bright with these young citizens coming through.

Joan Hass, who volunteers her time at both schools, arranged for our visits.

Joan's husband, Bill Hass, holds the torch aloft as we say farewell to the TAG group of Cesar A. Batalla School.