Sept. 24, 2015 Live from the road

Denver - Boulder

Reported by Alakananda Lebedev, Jennifer Cluck, Phaedra Rosario

A big thank you to Cathy's sister, Linda McVey and her husband Gary for accomodating and taking great care of our whole team at their beautiful home in Denver.

West Denver High, a 1926 English Gothic stye building, was the first school the team visited in Denver.

Phaedra joins the Peace Run!

Cathy gave the Al Oerter Foundation Award to Misael Espino-Gonzales. Misael is the captain of the Student Board of Education, an talented dancer, and a varsity athlete.

West Denver High selected five students from the school to present interpretive artwork dedicated to World Peace.

Our special guest today was Cathy's good friend, Olympic Silver Medalist, Allison Wagner. Allison held the swimming world record for the 200 Individual Medley for an incredible 15 years. She shared her extraordinary experience of how being a world-class competitor has helped form her character.

Much gratitude to Amanda Kudron, the cross country coach, for organizing the program.

Teacher, Greg Cook, shared his wishes for Peace and wished the runners well on their journey through Colorado.

Thank you West Denver High!

Cathy spoke to the children about what Peace means to them at our next school, Arapahoe High School.

Allison spoke about some of her special experiences with International athletes as an Olympian.

Cathy gave the Al Oerter Foundation award to student Avery Griggs for academics, community service, athletics and the arts.

Everyone was very happy Avery received the award. Our team was also joined today by Adhiratha Keefe from New York, a long time Peace Runner.

Avery Griggs continued the story of what means Peace to her.

A very special thank you to Kimberley McVey for organising every detail of our visit to Arapahoe High School. Kimberley is Cathy's niece and a Social Studies teacher at the school. It was obvious to the team that she is well respected and liked by students and faculty alike. She is pictured here with her mother Linda.

Students shared their views on what Peace means to them. The students all had beautiful things to say. One student replied with "all you need is love!"

We passed the Peace torch at Clarity Commons which is a newly created outdoor space for reflection and peace.

Avery's proud parents came to the program.

Our next stop was Lake International School where Harita from New Zealand greeted the Cross Country Team.

Lake Cross Country Team took us on a short journey around a beautiful lake across from the school.

Final stretch to the school...

We ran into Lake International School where we were joined by 5th grade students from neighboring schools, Brown International and Cheltenham Elementary.

The students shared their wishes for a more harmonious world.

Art for peace.

Lyneeah Cooper received the Al Oerter Foundation award for her outstanding achievements at Lake International School.

Lyneeah continued the story of Peace.

"Try not to change the world. You will fail. Try to love the world. Lo, the world is changed. Changed forever."- Sri Chinmoy

Torch carried by
Adhiratha Keefe (United States), Alakananda Lebedev (United States), Cathy Oerter (United States), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jennifer Cluck (United States), Phaedra Rosario (United States), Prakhara Harter (United States).  
Alakananda Lebedev, Harita Davies

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