May 29, 2016 Live from the road

Grand Canyon South Kaibab Trail - Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trail

Reported by Pierre Lantuas 19.0 mi

This morning we took an early drive to Grand Canyon for what was going to be a most memorable adventure.

The view is simply breathtaking going down the steep South Kaibab Trail.

Guides and rangers were very kind making sure every one was fully prepared for this demanding hike.

Some things change some don't, horseback riding still is the easiest way to explore the canyons.

Steep is not right, some of the parts of the hike are simply verticals.

As we made our way back up through the Bright Angel Trail we discovered that each inner canyon has a different fauna and flora.

Along the way we met a lot of friendly hikers. It's vital to be physically trained to be able to enjoy the site to the fullest.

After a strenuous 19 mile hike we were looking forward to dinner. The Bright Angel Trail Lodge Restaurant invited us for a hearty, revitalizing and well deserved meal.

Torch carried by
Atul Arora (IN), Harita Davies (NZ), Homagni Baptista (AU), Jorge Patino (CO), Oliveria Lopez (FR), Pierre Lantuas (FR), Puroga Theobald (HU), Sarankhuu Jargal (MN), Saranyu Pearson (AU), Tavishi Matthews (AU).  
Harita Davies, Pierre Lantuas
The torch has travelled 19.0 mi from Grand Canyon South Kaibab Trail to Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trail.

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