June 14, 2016 Live from the road

Eureka, CA - Crescent City, CA

Reported by Josef Sverma, Pierre Lantuas, Salil Wilson 60.0 mi

Our last full day began with a cheerful welcome from Alice Birney Elementary school.

Kids love to do actions for World Harmony Run song.

Seeing the kids feeling peace, love, friendship and harmony in their hearts is always so sweet.

Pierre and Josef performing a skit for the children to guess if it is about harmony or disharmony.

This act was about harmony. "It is so easy to run, when others help you".

Enjoying her last days in the school before retirement, principal Ms P, has had a long and rewarding career bringing many positive experiences into the lives of those she taught.

We presented Ms P. with our Torch Bearer Award in honor of her dedicated, enthusiastic and loving service to the many generations of children at Alice Birney Elementary. Children and teachers alike were so happy for her. Congratulations Ms P!!!

All the students love Ms. P!

Some kids in this school know how to jump really high.

While others can jump in different ways.

Puroga brings back sweet memories of his childhood.

We ran through our whole route in less then 1 minute. In the real world it takes 4 months.

Our next school was just up the road in the beautiful coastal town of Manila. Terry Little, founder of the Redwood Coast Montessori school, and her dear friend and Eureka City Council member, Kim Bergel, ran with us to the school. Some of us have such fond memories of visiting this school two years ago, and were so happy to return and reconnect with the heart-felt teachers and students.

When we arrived, the children were eagerly waiting to meet us and run a lap of the playground with us. Afterwards we all ate lunch together, and the kids sang some beautiful songs for us on the theme of peace.

Our Peace Run orchestra consisting of Akbota on the Kobyz, Pierre on the guitar, and the rest of the team on vocals and actions, performed the World Harmony Run song.

We were so happy to present Terri Little with our Torch Bearer Award. Terri has incredible energy and motivation for making good things happen in the world. As well as founding the Redwood Coast Montessori, Terri is a great supporter of Veterans for Peace, a mother, an avid runner and race organiser, and survivor of a recent tragic hit and run incident which took the life of one of her dearest friends and left herself and another friend badly injured. She has maintained her optimistic spirit and strong dedication to the importance of community. Congratulations Terri! You are truly a Torch-Bearer for a better world and great inspiration to us all of the power of the human spirit.

'Peace on Earth' in Chinese.

Thank you Redwood Coast Montessori! We look forward to coming again in two years!

During the ceremony a beautiful rainbow halo appeared around the Sun. Most of the team had previously only seen something like this around the moon. We took it to be an auspicious sign!

On the route we met James Dunlap, Former Chairman of the Yurok Tribal Council. He kindly gave us some fruit and vegetables.

Beautiful coastline on the way to Crescent City.

Suhasini bravely approached a family of Elk for the first time in her life...

All people become so small while visiting the mighty redwoods.

Torch carried by
Akbota Jumabayeva (Kazakhstan), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Josef Sverma (Czech Republic), Pierre Lantuas (France), Pragati Pascale (United States), Pujari Schaffer (United States), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sanaz Datubar (Iran), Sarankhuu Jargal (Mongolia), Suhasini Septiarini (Indonesia), Tavishi Matthews (Australia).  
Akbota Jumabayeva, Harita Davies, Pierre Lantuas, Puroga Theobald
The torch has travelled 60.0 mi from Eureka, CA to Crescent City, CA.

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