United States 13 June: Fort Bragg, CA - Euroke, CA

Avenue of the Giants

We spent the day running in the Avenue of the Giants. The redwood trees here are simply gigantic like this drive through tree.

Redwoods are huge and they often reach 300 feet.

Running next to them one feels like an ant.

They can resist forest fires, disease and live up to 3000 years.

This one is called the Tree House because you can actually go inside.

A runner left a riddle in the window, and Pierre had to figure it out in order to find the hidden key.

For a minute we thought we could switch vehicles with these kind German tourists:trading running shoes for classic motorcycles.

Make a wish?

Sleeping on the run.

The girls were grateful to be invited to the charming Carter House Inn. The rooms were restful, and the staff made sure that the team was well cared for.

The boys enjoyed the hospitality of Eureka's Travelodge.