Aug. 12, 2016 Live from the road

New Haven, Conn. - Stamford, Conn.

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 40.0 mi

We aare very grateful for the generosity of the Hampton Inn of Milford for the men's team to stay overnight and enjoy the friendly atmosphere here.

The women's team were fortunate and grateful to stay at the home of a good friend Archee and her mom in Monroe, Connecticut.

They have kindly offered the use of their beautiful home and gardens
to the Peace Run for many years now.

Bird feeders attract birds of many species which makes for a wonderful atmosphere in this lush and green setting.

We are very grateful to Dr. Mark Anderson who kindly treated one of our runners for some minor back problems.

With her back feeling alot better now, Sanaz is now carrying the torch with a smile.

Sweta and Victoria are all smiles as they get back on the road again to get even closer to our goal.

The Connecticut countryside had some sidewalks for us to run which makes it safer and easier for our runners.

Lots of flowering bushes and greenery to dot the landscape and make our journey more pleasant.

Meeting new friends along the way to share the torch.

Meanwhile the men's team is happy to be running in a different section of Connecticut on our last full day of our long journey.

Arpan is running on familiar ground as this is the place close to where he grew up.

Along the way we met up with Arpan's cousin, Dr. William DeAngelo, a chiropractor who has a number of Neuro-Spinal centers in this area of Connecticut.

William (Billy) kindly treated two of our runners for some minor back issues.

We meet some very enthusiastic people spontanteously along the way as we carry the peace torch which always seems to attract peace- lovers everywhere.

Sometimes we run together when the total mileage is not too high.

Journalists come out whenever they can to cover this positive story among all their other assignments. This newspaper, the Connecticut Post, kindly followed us in this section of Southern Connecticut.

We finally made it down to Norwalk by noon to run to Stew Leonard's, the 'World's Largets Dairy Store'.

We even had a police escort to get us there safely.

The Mayor of Norwalk, Harry Rilling, greeted us there as he has kindly done in the past as well

The Mayor offered us a very kind message about peace and our mission to share this quality with others along the way.

Some of the staff at Stew Leonard's join us and Mayor Rilling by their huge digital sign welcoming the Peace Run.

Mayor Rilling holds the Certificate of Appreciation from the Peace Run as Chris Arnette, Representative of Stew Leonard's, holds the torch along with one of the head chefs for the International Buffet which they generously offered to us for a delicious lunch.

The food was so delicious as you can see by the smiles on our runners faces.

The men's team was so hungry we did not even have time to look up and smile.

We were then treated to their delicious soft ice cream at Stew Leonard's, 'the world's largest dairy store'.

At Stew Leonard's everyone becomes a child at heart with all the childlike displays and music.

Puroga meets a new friend...

Arpan learns a new song...

Singing milk cartons...

Talking ducks...

Thank you Stew Leonard's for feeding us and entertaining us today.

We finally made it to the Stamford YMCA Day Camp.

There were many excited children there of all ages who tried to guess where we were all from.

Many children can easily guess the Statue of Libery and New York. The torch is a real giveaway.

The children and counselors made a colorful sign and offered us their bright smiles as well.

We teach the children one of our songs as we are accompanied by instruments as well.

Some of the children made their own torches as well.

The children judge our behavior in the short skits we perform for them as usual.

At this YMCA day camp called Camp Rocky Craig, Danielle Jean-Guilleume Sittoli: Youth, Family and Camp Director, gladly accepts our Certificate of Appreciation which she and her staff and the children most rightly deserved.

A beautiful painting by Sri Chinmoy, Founder of the Peace Run, was also offered to the camp and accepted by the children.

Our Ukranian runner and photographer, Yatkara, poses with a Ukranian camper.

The children always get a chance to pass the torch to each other along with their good thoughts and wishes for peace.

The 'Peace Train' leaves the station as one of the enthusiastic counselors carries the torch as the 'engine' of the train.

The Peace train goes under the Peace bridge.

It was a great group of children and adults on this beautiful campus which offers the children a very natural environment to spend their summer in very positive and healthy ways.

The Stamford Advocate Newspaper came to cover the story of our last ceremony.

Proud new 'peace runners'.

New friends always makes for future peace.

An interview with Harita from New Zealand.

At our evening function as the home of our good friends and loyal supporters, Nripal and Nidrahara, the runners were offered photos and some special gifts for their participation in this long and successful event. Salil, Executive Director of the Peace Run, kindly arranged for this wonderful final event/party to happen today.

Pierre from France.

Puroga from Hungary.

Arpan from Connecticut and New York.

Sanaz from Iran and Germany.

Akbota from Khazakstan.

Harita from New Zealand.

Yatkara from Ukraine and Canada.

Homagni from Australia.

Suhashini from Bali.

Natabara from Seattle.

Zuzana from Czech Repeublic.

Olivia from Mexico.

Jorge from Columbia.

Victoria from Columbia and Miami.

Ashadeep from Australia.

Pragati from New York.

Sweta from Nepal.

Tavishi from Australia holds her huge gift of the American Flag. Her four months across North Americal was a life-changing experience as she grew to love the U.S., Mexico and Canada as so many other runners also did.

A happy group of runners hold up their photos and some of the gifts offered by the Peace Run in gratitude.

After a big meal we went to work on this beautiful cake supplied by Nripal, our generous host.

We are very grateful to Bhaghirathi for bringing the food and working so hard to feed us.

Nripal Eric Petersen and his wife Nidrahara Kathy Rhodes( who was out of town today) have always been extremely kind and generous to the Peace Run and have also joined us in the past to do some running and coordinating on the road. We are extremely grateful to them for their support and for opening up their wonderful home to us every year at the end of our long journeys.

Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Ashadeep Volkhardt (Australia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Oliveria Lopez (France), Pierre Lantuas (France), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Sanaz Datubar (Iran), Sweta Pradhan (Nepal), Tavishi Matthews (Australia), Victoria Aguila (Colombia), Yatkara Aleksapolskyy (Canada).  
Harita Davies, Victoria Aguila, Yatkara Aleksapolskyy
The torch has travelled 40.0 mi from New Haven, Conn. to Stamford, Conn..

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