Switzerland 21 May: Zurich - Tuggen

On, on, on through the rain

We started off at a fast pace today to reach the Zurich Lake ferry on time.

Ester from Hungary leads the pack as we approach the ferry station.

In the drizzling rain we board the ferry with the Director.

Lake Zurich was dedicated as a Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossom many years ago. The new plaque is here on the ferry.

This ferry transports people and vehicles between Meilen and Horgen.

The runners performed a few songs on the theme of Peace and Harmony for the Director.

He received a gift from the team.

Tegla Laroupe, former world champion marathon runner from Kenya, arrives to join the team for a day of running.

Local journalists hold the torch.

Tegla jokes with the runners, who are trying to keep up with her.

Rapperswil castle.

The Mayor of Rapperswil greets Tegla and the team.

In the orange and dark blue tracksuit is Guido Kessler - a Kung Fu champion and martial arts expert.

The day before at the Olympic Museum we saw the Olympic Motto - Faster, Higher, Stronger. Our three celebrities represent these comparatives perfectly - Tegla is Faster, Guido is Stronger and you can't get Higher than the Mayor in Rapperswil.

The Mayor is a keen runner.

Guido is a great admirer of the founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy.

Guido is asked to demonstrate some of his kickboxing moves on a very willing (but not so talented) volunteer.

The Mayor holds the torch with local Swiss runner Pushkar Muellauer. Pushkar is one of a select group of ultrarunners who has completed the annual 3100 mile race in New York.

The Zurich Lake in the background is about 30 kilometres long.

A school in Rapperswil awaits the Peace Run team.

This school had an incredible number of countries represented among it's students (Cuba, Denmark, Scotland, Dominican Republic, Japan, Sri Lanka ....)

The children try to guess the nationality of this Latvian runner.

Needless to say, they guessed the nationality of each runner with no difficulty.

The teachers were delighted with this spontaneous visit.

Tegla with the children.

On, on, into the rain, towards Tuggen.

In Zurich we meet up with a special celebration at ON Shoes.

ON are celebrating their 5th anniversary.

Tegla holds the torch with Switzerland's very own Nicola Spirig - Olympic Gold medallist in the Triathlon in London 2012.