Sept. 21, 2022 Live from the road

Corona, New York

Reported by Bhikshuni Weisbrot, Harita Davies

Celebrating The United Nations International Day of Peace, our small team of local runners visited a Community Garden in Corona, Queens to welcome Little Amal, a larger than life puppet of a 10 year old Syrian Refugee.

The event was called "In The Garden of Hope", and was organised in a community garden created by the Mujeres en Movimiento in Amal's honor.

A traditional Aztec dance was performed for Amal.

Mujeres en Movimiento is a group of immigrants based in Corona, Queens, made up of women and their families, youth, children, and men who have come together to enjoy a family atmosphere, focused on health and dance therapy.

This group was born within the International Immigrant Movement, which had its headquarters in Corona, Queens from 2011 to 2018, leaving a deep mark on the lives of the inhabitants of Queens and the rest of NY.

When the event was over, we were greatly honored that the dancers held our peace torch.

After the dance, Amal came out to meet the hundreds of local people who had gathered to welcome her.

From the Walk with Amal website:

Little Amal has travelled over 9,000km embodying the urgent message “Don’t forget about us”.

Since the beginning of her journey in 2021, Little Amal has travelled through over 85 cities and been welcomed at more than 190 unique events, reaching an estimated 1 million people live in the 12 countries she has already visited, and millions more online.

“It is because the attention of the world is elsewhere right now that it is more important than ever to reignite the conversation about the refugee crisis and to change the narrative around it. Yes, refugees need food and blankets, but they also need dignity and a voice. The purpose of The Walk is to highlight the potential of the refugee, not just their dire circumstances. Little Amal is 3.5 metres tall because we want the world to grow big enough to greet her. We want her to inspire us to think big and to act bigger.” – Amir Nizar Zuabi, Artistic Director of The Walk

Amal soulfully greeted the Peace Runners and held the Peace Torch. She has such a powerful presence, it was a very touching moment for us all.

We were thrilled to meet by chance some of the Walk With Amal team, who enthusiastically held our Peace Torch and shared their passion and love with us.
Pictured with our Peace Runners left to right are: Tracey Seaward, Team Producer, (from the UK); Fidaa Zidan, Puppeteer, (from Palestine); Amir Nizar Zuabi, Artistic Director of The Walk(from Taiwan); and Laura Wohlwend, Social Media Associate, (from Switzerland).

Thank you to the many good hearts behind Amal sharing the message of oneness, hope and peace in such a creative, loving, inclusive and powerful way. It was a great blessing for us to walk a few steps with Amal!

O dreamers of peace, come.
Let us walk together.
O lovers of peace, come.
Let us run together.
O servers of peace, come.
Let us grow together.
-Sri Chinmoy

Torch carried by
Alakananda Lebedev (United States), Bhikshuni Weisbrot (United States), Dilara Jahan (Bangladesh), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Kalpita Lawless (United States), Lunthita Duthely (United States).  
Alakananda Lebedev

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