June 21, 2016 Live from the road

Gold Coast, Qld

Reported by Animesh Harrington

The Gold Coast campus of Southern Cross University (SCU) is an ultramodern, hi-tech centre for learning, situated on the border of NSW and Queensland, directly opposite Gold Coast Airport. It was the venue for the third talk in our 40 Peace Talks series.

The campus is less than a year old and every floor of this multi-level complex has a pristine feel about it. With noticeboards at every turn, it was extremely easy to advertise our event.

The main office of SCU in Lismore was kind enough to offer us a lecture theatre with full audio/visual facilities When we arrived, Jerry, from SCU tech support, took us through the setup for our videos and slideshows — a skill we are still attempting to master.

However, once the presentation was underway, all ran smoothly. Animesh Harrington spoke about the Peace Run and the life and works of its founder, Sri Chinmoy.

The final section of the presentation focused on Sri Chinmoy’s first visit to Australia. In 1976, Sri Chinmoy delivered lectures — ten in total — at universities and other major venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra; met with prominent Australians; recorded two albums of music; and offered meditations, both for the public and his students — all in the name of Peace.

Our 40 Peace Talks are a tribute to, and a celebration of, the 40th anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s first visit to Australia.

Torch carried by
Animesh Harrington (Australia), Aryavan Lanham (Australia), Unmilan Howard (Australia).  
Aryavan Lanham

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