United States 5 June: Tijuana, MEXICO - San Diego, CA

Magnificent Mexico!

We began our second day in Mexico visiting Orfanatorio Emmanuel, an orphanage for young boys in Tijuana.

Skits always seem to make the kids smile ;)

The teachers and caregivers are so loving with the children,

The painted murals add a bright touch to the simple courtyard.

Pujari speaks fluent spanish, so he was an excellent asset to the team, plus he is great with the kids!

We all ran around the block. As usual, the kids left the team in the dust!

The orphanage has a sister branch which we were so happy to sponaneously squeeze into our busy schedule. This orphanage was mostly for girls.

The children are very loving and kind to each other, it really has a family feeling.

Thank you to the two branches of Orfanatorio Emmanuel for sharing your sweet hearts with us this morning.

We quickly headed to our next ceremony at Escuela Primaria Federal Heroes de Granaditas.

The Mexican children have such sweet, joy filled natures!

Kids everywhere love stickers!

After a quick stop at the market for fresh coconuts, we were onto Escuela Primaria Federal Cuitlahuac, a small school of super sweet kids!

We were happy to be able to offer so many certificates and artworks to all our new friends while we were in Mexico!

After everyone ran and held the torch, it was time to play!

Noone ever wants to say goodbye!

We were so happy that our new friend from yesterday, Miraya, came back today to attend our ceremony with her daughter, Andrea. Miraya also gave us a bag of running t shirts from Mexican races, thank you so much!

As soon as the kids saw us taking a photo at the gate with Mariya and Andrea, they were all running to be in the photo!

New friends along the way.

In a short break between ceremonies, Sanmati took us all out for an amazing authentic Mexican meal, DELICIOUS!!

We had to try it all. She insisted!


Our final school in Mexico was Escuela Primaria Estatal Rodolfo Salgado Pedrin. Our legendary Mexican Coordinator, Sanmati, introduced the team and the run.

Mexican kids never seem to stop smiling!

Time to run!!

Another new family of friends!

The teachers hold the torch!

It's pretty hard to say goodbye to such sweet smiles!

Thank you Mexico for a truly wonderful time! We all felt so grateful to have the opportunity to be blessed by the sweet, kind and joy filled hearts of the Mexican people.
Until next time, keep spreading the peace!

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