June 20, 2014 Live from the road

Florence, OR - Lincoln City, OR

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 74.0 mi

The women's team was very happy and grateful to have stayed in the very clean and friendly Best Western Pier Point Inn in Florence. Without the generosity of kindred spirits like the Pier Point Inn, we truly would not be able to continue bringing "the dream" to real people in real ways each day. Thank you.

Meanwhile some of the men's team stayed at Giribar Rick DeAngelo's, Arpan's brother's country home, in Elmira, Oregon.

His house is situated in the depths of a fir tree forest outside of Eugene, Oregon.

His back yard is primarily gardens and groves where nature abounds peacefully.

The DeAngelo family here with Pujari minus Linda, Nick and Joe's mother, who had to go to work. We are so grateful to Linda and her family for hosting us and feeding us sumptuously.

The women's team was first to run this morning.

Palash was all smiles as she ran along the Pacific Coast.

She met very interested tourists along the way.

Sharing the torch with others who offer their goodwill is very uplifting to us.

Harita enjoying running in the natural spendour of the Oregon coast.

The first ceremony of the day was at the Suislaw Elementary School with the Boys and Girls Club in Florence.

The young children enjoyed the women's team presentation.

Some children had no problem guessing where our international runners come from.

Singing our World Harmony song the children enjoy acting out the words with us.

An exercise in finding peace in the heart is always very uplifting to everyone.

The funny skits we do to demonstrate acts of harmony and peace or otherwise always goes well with the children.

They get to judge if our skits show peaceful and harmonious behaviour or not.

We gladly offered our Certificate of Appreciation and a Peace painting by Sri Chinmoy, the Founder of the Peace Run, to the Boys and Girls Club.

Afterwards, when the children get to hold the torch and run outdoors with it, everyone is all smiles.

We are very grateful to Amy Plough and her staff for inviting us to the Boys and Girls club in Florence today.

A large group of happy peace-lovers.

Meanwhile, one of the men's teams started their journey up the coast with Arpan's nephew Joe joining us.

Joe enjoys the view before his first run.

The majestic Oregon coast offers very powerful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Windswept trees reflect the power of nature here on the rugged coastline.

Beautiful willdflowers abound even by the sea.

Seals gather along the coast in comfortable coves and rocks.

Our next stop was at the Children's Summer Program at the Clubhouse in Newport.

The children were eager to participate in our program.

"Oh, I know what country you are from".

This child was demonstrating his meditation interpretation of peace.

We were fortunate to have Newport Mayor Sandy Roumagoux attend our event.

She was happy to share the peace torch with us and all of the children.

Mayor Roumagoux offered a Proclamation of Peace Run Day in Newport. She also kindly offered words of wisdom and encouragemnet to us.

Natabara, a former resident of Oregon, accepts the Proclamation.

In return we gratefully offered the City of Newport a Certificate of Appreciation signed by our international team of runners.

We also were happy to offer a peace painting by Sri Chinmoy, Founder of the Peace Run.

Some of the children gladly accepted our Certificate of Appreciation and a painting for the Clubhouse Summer Program.

Running with the torch and passing it along is always a highlight of the program for the children.

Making a wish for peace.

Holding the torch with her favorite owl.

The owl has real wings.

Everyone celebrates peace together as a group.

Afterwards, Joe runs with Dennis, the two youngest members of our team today.

'Old Fogie' and 'Young Yogi'. Arpan and his nephew Joe running together.

At age 20 Joe can run the miles we needed him to like an old pro.

We ran to one more ceremony in Lincoln City, the Community Recreation Center.

The children were happy to have us as they were eager to answer our questions and to ask their own as well.

I know the answer.

My country starts with the letters 'Lux...'.

Finding peace in the heart is always very effective.

Enjoying the show.

Big happy smiles reflect peace.

Arpan offers our Certificate of Appreciation and World Harmony painting by Sri Chinmoy.

The children get ready to run outside with the torch.

They follow Joe who is the 'engine' of the Peace train as all the cars follow behind on the 'track'.

Getting a chance to run with the torch.

Another great group of happy children.

The big 'kid' with a big smile.


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Torch carried by
Anna Khimchinskaia (Russia), Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Boijayanti Gómez-Badillo (Puerto Rico), Dennis Gribok (Luxembourg), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jagadhata Amrhien (United States), Jennifer Cluck (United States), Kaneenika Janakova (Slovakia), Mahasatya Janczak (Poland), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Palash Bosgang (United States), Pujari Schaffer (United States), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Sarvodaya Grygoryivskyy (Ukraine).  
Accompanied by  
Joe De Angelo (US),
Arpan DeAngelo, Dennis Gribok, Harita Davies, Sandro Zincarini
The torch has travelled 74.0 mi from Florence, OR to Lincoln City, OR.

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