June 18, 2016 Live from the road

Otis,OR - Portland, OR

Reported by Pierre Lantuas 68.0 mi

We had an exquisite stay at the Salishan Golf and Spa resort. The generosity of the staff was unparalleled.

Pujari in awesome form as usual running the very first miles of the day.

Sahasini just keeps on truckin!

Sanaz enjoys the peaceful Oregon countryside.

Don't forget to stretch, boys!

Meeting enthusiastic supporters is always a joy.

Banana split and hot chocolate is the secret for a happy team.

We awarded Caroline Leonard the Torch Bearer Award. Her inspiring words about a one world family and her many years of community self-giving inspired us all.

Carolyne's extended family and friends came to support her and carry the torch in a local Portland park.

Becky Black, a long time supporter of the Peace Run, organized the event.

We really felt like a one-world family after hearing Carolyne's inspiring words.

Our peace walk.

We were looking forward to meeting Mark Natabara's parents in Portland. The hearty welcome and generosity they offered us can only be felt and never described. Thank you!!

The highlight of the day was an exciting boat ride on Lake Oswego with our favorite captain George Kent, an old time friend of Natabara and family.

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Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Josef Sverma (Czech Republic), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Pierre Lantuas (France), Pragati Pascale (United States), Pujari Schaffer (United States), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sanaz Datubar (Iran), Sarankhuu Jargal (Mongolia), Suhasini Septiarini (Indonesia), Tavishi Matthews (Australia).  
Arpan DeAngelo, Pierre Lantuas, Sanaz Datubar
The torch has travelled 68.0 mi from Otis,OR to Portland, OR.

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