United States 9 June: Florence, OR - Lincoln City, OR

Last day by the ocean in Oregon

Part of our team was kindly hosted by Umpqua River Inn in Reedsport. Thank you! We had a great night.

Our cloudy and rainy day starts with many shades of mystical colours in the sky, above and below the water.

Bansidhar "basking" in the rainfall.

On the way to Newport.

The girls making Miso soup and sandwiches for lunch.

Would you like a cookie?

Herbert and Gary of Old River Coffee at the local Farmers market personally brewing cups of wonderful premium java!

Meeting people on our way and sharing our love of peace is the best!

A beautiful personal prayer and good wishes for the Peace Run.

Our super server, Serena, at Starbucks in Lincoln City. She was very inspired to hear about the run and happy to hold the Peace Torch.

Saying goodbyes to Oregon Pacific Ocean...and the harbor seals and sealions.

After the swim with the sealions :)

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