June 11, 2018 Live from the road

Portland, OR - Winlock, WA

Reported by Atul Arora, Banshidhar Medeiros 87.0 mi

Best Western Plus generously hosted the men's team at their clean and welcoming hotel.

and the Double Tree by Hilton hosted the women's team.

Some team members had an early start to cover the first section of the run through scenic roads of Oregon. The perfect weather gave us the opportunity to enjoy Nature's beauty.

A wonderful glimpse of Mount Saint Helens.

We were very happy to visit Castle Rock Elementary School today!

Peace is always a good feeling!

Holding the torch

A big thank you to everyone at Castle Rock Elementary, and especially to Jim Mabbott, Superintendent of Castle Rock Schools, for facilitating our visit!

The afternoon team was joined by some local runners from Longview.

We ran for about 6 miles together and shared our running stories and inspirations.

Laura joined us for the second section of the relay.

We were very inspired to hear that she came to support our cause even though she had a stress fracture in her foot. We were so energized by her attitude to never give up until the goal is won.

Then it was Mike Vorse's turn to run the finishing section. Mike has been supporting our local coordinators in the Longview area for the past 10 years.

He was also very inspiring as he had a recent knee injury but was full of determination to run with us and be part of the team.

Arriving at Castle Rock. Mike told us that the town is so small they say that everyone waves at you because they know you, and if they don't then they should know you.

This couple met us at a gas station in Castle Rock and were very excited to hear all about The Run and to hold the torch.

We arrived at the Castlerock Senior Centre. They have treated the team for many years to a delightful "Ice Cream Social".

Myron Nelson, the director of the Senior Center, helped us to organize this ceremony for many years.

Finishing the day with a dip in the freezing water...

...and soaking up the warmth of the sun.

The high school of the nearby town of Winlock generously offered us the space of their gym for the night. They have offered this to us since 1995. Thank You!

Torch carried by
Atul Arora (India), Banshidhar Medeiros (United States), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jorge Patino (Colombia), Kaspars Rutkis (Latvia), Laufey Haraldsdottir (Iceland), Mandra Laing (New Zealand), Nikolaus Drekonja (United States), Pujari Schaffer (United States), Tanuja Konečná (Czech Republic), Zuzana Klásková (Czech Republic).  
Kaspars Rutkis, Zuzana Klásková
The torch has travelled 87.0 mi from Portland, OR to Winlock, WA.

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