March 31, 2023 Live from the road

Lake Mary,FL - Lake Mary, FL

Reported by Santiva Morrison

Today we are revisiting Crystal Lake Elementary to replace the peace tree we planted in March 2020 since it got damaged by the hurricane a few months ago. We are so happy to see our sweet friends again.
Students sang a few songs and ended with the National Anthem.

Mrs. Brenda Knight was very kind to arrange all the activities for our visit.

Sharing the message of the Peace Run with the students. Most of them remembered us visiting their school back in March 2020 before the world shut down because of Covid.
We are so happy to be back!

Peace begins in our hearts, so by feeling peace within us, we can spread peace.

Students watch attentively the Peace Run video visiting schools around the world.

Mrs. Knight receives a Certificate of Appreciation for her school and a painting by founder Sri Chinmoy. She is retiring this year. She will be missed.

Time to have fun outside to plant a new peace tree, and hold the torch to make a wish for world peace.

We would like to thank Principal Ricky Carver and School Adm. Manager, Brenda Knight, for their enthusiastic participation in the Peace Run and allowing us to come visit again. We are very grateful. See you in 2024!

Torch carried by
Alakananda Lebedev (United States), David Morrison Snr. (United States), Santiva Morrison (United States).  
Alakananda Lebedev

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