June 22, 2014 Live from the road

Portland,OR - Napavine,WA

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 89.0 mi

We are very grateful to Krishna and Srividhya for opening their home to one of our women's teams last night. Their beautiful house and warm hospitality were a joy to behold. We especially enjoyed the fresh from the garden raspberries and Krishna's exceptionally good chai! They are pictured here with their youngest son, Vittal. Their older son, Karthik is equally adorable!

We are also grateful to the Best Western Pony Soldier in Portland for offering some comped rooms for some of our runners also. They were very accommodating and kind to us.

We are very grateful to Joyce and Pete Rollosson for hosting one of the men's team in their lovely home.

Friendly neighbor Claire is growing fast and some day may become a tall Peace Runner.

Brahmata from Canada just joined us and is looking forward to running back up to her home country soon.

Jagadhata has been a strong member of the team for a few weeks but unfortunately has to go back home soon as well.

This fine gentleman saw us running on the bridge over the Columbia River and stopped to hold the torch and make a small volutary donation.

Kevin came to meet us and run with us in Longview, our first town in Washington State.

Along the way we met children in a park having a birthday as we sparked some interest among the partygoers and their parents.

Other very nice people stopped to ask questions and to hold the torch as they offered their goodwill and prayers for peace.

Shawn, a doctor, runs with Kevin and Mahasatya through Longview and Kelso.

These children came from their basketball game to hold the torch.

Mike, Fred(with torch), and Kevin all came out to run with the torch to Castle Rock.

Fred is a great ultrarunner

We are grateful to our local runners, especially Mike(left), who ran with us and helped to organize our route to our Castle Rock event later in the day.

Young and old were there to greet us.

This is the third year that Castle Rock has welcomed us to their wonderful town.

Myron Nelson, President of the Senior Center, has helped to organize this event and welcome us all three years since 2008.

Myron Nelson and Mayor Paul Helenberg offer a Proclamation of Harmony and Peace to declare World Harmony Day in Castle Rock.

Gayle Baker, from the Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of the Senior Center, kindly offers the Peace Run a basket of gifts and goodies for us.

Jim Meisner, Cowlitz County Commissioner, offers us another generous gift package from the Town of Castle Rock.

Youngest member, Liberty, holds the torch with her day Jim.

Other members of the Senior Center takes turns passing the torch and offering their goodwill for peace.

Ice Cream was then served to all with fruit and cookies.

This Torch-Bearer Award was offered to Myron Nelson and the Senior Center last time the Run came through in 2012.

Another generous gift package was bottles of water which are always needed and welcomed by our runners.

Mayor Helenberg and Commissioner Meisner share the torch as they get ready to run; run for office that is.

We are pictured here at Sri Chinmoy Street and the site of the worlds largest egg with our dear and long standing friend, Pat Anderson. She served on the Winlock City Council for many years and was responsible for securing such a prominent position for the 'Sri Chinmoy Street' sign. Pat also organises our accomodation at Winlock High School whenever we are in town, thank you Pat!!

Sandro holds the World's Largest Egg.

Dennis tries to eat the World's Largest Egg.

A big thank you to Winlock High School Curator, Leroy, and local Peace Run supporter, Pat, for so enthusiastically and generously accomodating and taking great care of the team for the night!!

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Torch carried by
Anna Khimchinskaia (Russia), Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Boijayanti Gómez-Badillo (Puerto Rico), Dennis Gribok (Luxembourg), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jagadhata Amrhien (United States), Jennifer Cluck (United States), Mahasatya Janczak (Poland), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Palash Bosgang (United States), Pujari Schaffer (United States), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Sarvodaya Grygoryivskyy (Ukraine).  
Accompanied by  
Joe De Angelo (US), Kaneenika Janakova (SK)
Arpan DeAngelo, Dennis Gribok, Harita Davies, Sandro Zincarini
The torch has travelled 89.0 mi from Portland,OR to Napavine,WA.

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