United States 17 June: Vancouver, BC - Bellingham, WA

The Peace Arch

We started our running in Stanley Park in Vancouver. Three local runners, Angela, Mel and Susan joined us.

Atul, in front of a statue of the famous sprinter Harry Winston Jerome, who set many world and national records.

It was a beautiful day - fresh air, sun, we ran along the water, good company - fantastic!

Angela, the lady holding the torch, is a Chi running master instructor. She gave some of us much appreciated advice on our running form.

We were joined near the border by new Peace Run team members to help carry the torch back into the United States.

This magnificent Peace Arch marks the border between Canada and the USA.

It was such a pleasure to meet with City Council member Meg Olsen from Blaine, WA under the Peace Arch. The runners introduced themselves and sang the "Peace Run Song", composed by the Founder of the Run, Sri Chinmoy.

In the afternoon the Peace Runners were invited to a college baseball game between the Bellingham Bells and the Portland Pickles. At half time our team, together with local children, ran one loop around the field with the torch.

Afterwards spectators got a chance to hold the torch and make a wish for Peace.

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