United States 20 June: Twisp, WA - Grand Coulee, WA

The Grand Coulee Dam

Thank you, Patterson Lake Cabins, for two unforgettable days and nights. It was absolutely beautiful and the location for two birthday parties!

There were cherries as far as the eye could see. Sweet and deliscious!

After finishing their miles, three happy runners...

went floating in the Columbia River.

Dwight and Annie Filer and their friend Vicki joined us for a Peace Walk out of Twisp.

We met with good friends from our local coordinators Daulot and Stota. Terri and Steve Dixon, their grandson Abe and their dog Dixie.

A local artist painting the beautiful landscape.

We were welcomed by Councilwoman, Meghan Sherrard of Pateros, her two children and other locals.

Libby Harrison, Chamber President and former Mayor of Pateros, shares the Peace Torch with Mayor Carlene Anders and Councilwoman Megan Sherrard. We are so grateful tht they all came to greet us and offer their goodwill and kind words.

In our presentation we always give everyone a chance to feel peace and their heart.

We talked about our favourite books.

Stota and her husband Daulot coordinated the events in eastern Washington, where they lived for many years. It was such a joy to have them. They are wonderful, eager and enthusiastic coordinators and Peace Runners with a big heart for Mother Nature. Thanks for taking us to the beautiful places and people from Twisp to Grand Coulee!

Our good friend, Peace Runner and local coordinator, Daulot.

Built during the great depression in the 1930s, the Grand Coulee Dam is a masterpiece of engineering and an incredible sight. We were fortunate to get a guided tour through the fascinating history of this grand landmark.

The Grand Coulee Dam Visitor's Center also supplied coloring paper and crayons.

After a long day, Siam Palace in Grand Coulee, hosted the Peace Run Team. Thank you very much, the food was delicious and the service was friendly and supportive.